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Electric Hot Water Heaters

Thanks to our industry connections, Eagles The Plumbing Shop can help you complete any project from start to finish. We work with plumbers to choose the best system for your requirements, including updating your home with solar, gas or electric hot water heaters .

With expert advice on sizing and available choices, we will ensure you understand all of the different options available to you. From electric hot water heaters, gas storage, gas instantaneous, electric boost, solar gas boost, the selection can be overwhelming. Our team of knowledgeable staff can give you the latest information on performance, technology and efficiency of the different systems so you can make an educated decision on the most appropriate system for you.

Compare for Certainty

We regularly work hand in hand with industry professionals who give us a first-hand view of the newest products and technologies available in the plumbing industry. This allows Eagles The Plumbing Shop to relay this specialised information to our customers in order to assist them with making informed choice regarding the system that is best suited for their project.

When you are looking to compare products, systems and technology, the team at Eagles The Plumbing Shop can help you get all of the facts straight so you fully understand the range of benefits and drawbacks inherent in each choice.

Get the Right Advice

Get in touch with us today. We have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best selection of solar, gas and electric hot water heaters for your requirements.