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Our Company History

In 1977, Warwick Thomson started a plumbing supplies business called BCP. His aim was to give smaller, independent plumbers access to a full range of products at competitive prices. The idea flourished and today the business is run by his two sons, Peter and Scott Thomson. The business has also grown and after the takeover of W. Eagles Plumbing Supplies it has now taken on the name Eagles The Plumbing Shop.

Our Competitiveness Guarantee

As an independently owned and operated company, Eagles The Plumbing Shop ensures it remains competitive by being a member of the Plumbtec Group . The Plumbtec Group has 200 members which gives it the ability to leverage considerable buying power from the suppliers. These competitive prices can then be passed on to our customers.

Make Your Project a Success

Join the team at Eagles The Plumbing Shop and let us help you ensure that your next bathroom renovation or plumbing project is a success from conception through to the final product. Our team are experts in all of the fittings and accessories we sell, from bathroomware and fittings to drainage pits and drainage grates , so you can rely on their expertise for projects both big and small. Contact us today.