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Updating your home with new bathroom fixtures and vanity units not only creates a beautiful space for years to come, but it also adds incredible value to your home. Having your new fixtures and vanity units professionally installed is the best way to ensure the proper function, look and lasting durability of your products.

We maintain a close relationship with local experts to keep abreast of design trends and understand how the products we sell are performing in their real-life applications. This insight allows us to help every customer – from the professional to the DIY home renovator – find the right tools and bathroomware for a finished product to be proud of.

Quality and Competitiveness

Eagles The Plumbing Shop can also recommend the appropriate tools to help you manage your outdoor plumbing projects, such as pool heat pumps and drainage pits . Getting the right product advice for your pool heat pumps, drainage pits or other outdoor work can save you time and money in the long term.

The close relationship we have with industry experts makes us a unique resource for any home improvement project. You can be sure you are getting high quality products that are trusted by industry professionals at competitive prices from a reliable source.

Up To Date Advice

Contact us today if you are looking for advice and product recommendations for your new bathroom vanity units , fixtures, pool heat pumps, drainage pipes or other plumbing projects. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work to ensure you get up to date advice on all of your new products.