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Plumbing Supplies – Pool Filters

Maintenance 101: Filters for Pools

Owning a private pool can be a wonderful thing. Especially when temperatures reach those summer highs. It gets the kids outside, visitors can’t seem to stay away and neighbours become extra friendly. There’s also the added bonus of no beach sand. However, with such fun comes great responsibility and a tremendous amount of work.

While maintenance may seem exhausting and un-ending, but is essential for ensuring that your pool container and the water in it remain safe and clean. One of the more common and convenient ways to do this is by installing a filtration system.

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Filters for pools are popular because they are automatic. In this process, water is ingested from the pool to the water distribution head through an inlet pipe. It is then channelled through a filter where it is separated from debris, impurities (such as body oils and sunscreen), and bacteria. Depending on the type of system, this operation is performed in varying manner. Once filtered, the water is pumped back into the pool along with fresh water. Fresh water is necessary to replace water lost to "splash-out" and evaporation.

Eagles The Plumbing Shop carries an assortment of filters for pools and accessories.

  • Cartridge Filters
  • Commercial Filters
  • Fibre and Glass Combination
  • Poly. Heavy Duty
  • Plastic
  • Accessories

For needs that go beyond filters for pools, we also carry the following supplies: chlorinators, glues and silicons, pipes and fittings, pool and spa accessories, pumps and blowers, rainwater tanks, and tools.

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