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Technical Advice

Our extensive knowledge of products and industry technology allows the staff at Eagles The Plumbing Shop to provide our customers and trade partners with comprehensive technical advice for a vast range of plumbing projects, both domestic and commercial. This includes everything from advising on pool heat pumps and pool chlorinators to more complicated plumbing projects requiring drainage pits.

We have the necessary experience and expertise to advise you on plumbing products available for the job, and we can also provide customers with a cost quotation based on plans and drawings.

Plumbing and Pools

Our team can offer essential advice and product information for customers undertaking both domestic and commercial pool projects with regards to pool heat pumps , pool chlorinators as well as plumbing projects that could benefit from our high quality pressure pipe fittings , drainage pits and much more.

In addition to our comprehensive technical advice, we also act as a link between owner builders and trade customers to ensure that you are able to get quality tools and materials at competitive prices so you can get your job done right and within budget.

Take Advantage of Our Extensive Network

Contact us here, or come in and see us in person in order to get advice on our comprehensive line of products for your next plumbing project. We are experts in all facets of plumbing and fixtures and we maintain a large stock of incredible products from pool heat pumps and pool chlorinators to general plumbing products such as pressure pipe fittings and drainage pits.